What does Integriculture aim to do and what are they trying to produce?
Here are three stories that talk about the future.

Story A - Solving the grand challenges

The ecological footprint of meat wrecking the planet.

Sustainable protein is a grand challenge for humanity. Integriculture Inc. is developing a general-purpose large-scale cell culture technology to supply sustainable and affordable protein for all households. This page briefly explains what is at stake from social and environmental point of view.

Story B - Creating a culinary culture

Let’s (soon) design meat - it will be fun!

If “large-scale cell cultivation” becomes a reality in ordinary homes, what kind of culinary culture will we see? Let’s have a look at a possible recipe with cultivated meat to help imagine the future culinary culture.

Story C - Proposing a new life style

Not just a change in meat,
but in the lifestyle of the future too.

“Mass cell cultivation technology” does not only just produce meat, but also introduces various changes to products that can bring about happier lifestyles. What is this? What kind of change is it? Let us look at a possible evolved lifestyle in the future.