The CulNet system is a general-purpose large-scale cell culture technology that can be applied to bio-reagents, cosmetics, supplements and cell-based meat.

01 - Problem
Meat can be produced by cell culture, but the biggest challenge is the cost.

A 200g cultivated meat patty was produced in the Netherlands in 2013, but it costed more than 20 million Euros. The reasons were;

01 The price of culture medium (fluid containing nutrients and growth factors for cells), which is essential for cell cultivation, is expensive.

02 The technology for large-scale cell cultivation, and efficient formation of muscle tissues are yet to be developed.

These are the kinds of problems we are facing.

02- Solution
IntegriCulture reduces the cost of cell cultivation by mimicking the natural processes that occur in the body.

The best growth conditions for cells are found in vivo, inside living bodies.
In vivo, organs communicate each other by endocrine factors to efficiently proliferate cells. We have studied and mimicked this natural system to significantly reduce the cost of cell culture, which was otherwise impossible by conventional methods.

03 - Developement
3-dimensional tissue engineering on the horizon.

Animal tissues consist of cells at very high density and astounding level of organization. Conventional cell culture method involves stirring of cells inside a large tank. Cells may multiply, but tissues do not form. The method is far from the natural mechanism by which tissues efficiently and compactly form.

IntegriCulture collaborates with universities with state-of-the-art cell technology in fields of regenerative medicine, to develop unique methods of vascularization, tissue formation and cultivation, just as they happen in vivo.

04 - and more...
High-value byproducts of cell culture, repurposed for cosmetics and supplements.

Cultured cells under control can produce various biologically active endocrine factors when prompted. Growth factors that proliferates skin cells are one of such. By culturing cells under right conditions, we can mass produce these active factors, just like it happens naturally in living bodies. IntegriCulture’s cultivated cells produce and supplements these factors that may be depleted due to age. We are also committed to help personal well-being as well as environmental and global.