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羽生 雄毅


Yuki Hanyu

in 2010, conferred Ph.D(Chemistry) by University of Oxford.
In October 2015,founded Integriculture Co.,Ltd., after PD researcher,Tohoku University and Technical Laboratory of Toshiba Research & Development Center.

川島 一公


Ikko Kawashima

in 2012,graduated from Hiroshima University,2012.
Ph.D(Science of Agriculture)
Co-founded Integriculture Co.,Ltd.,after Fellow,Bayor College of Medicine and Fellow,JSPS(DCI,PD).
Awarded 3 times by the science society and 11 study reports issued.

井上 健太郎


Kentaro Inoue

Before joining IntegriCulture in 2020, he worked for Akatsuki for three years, mainly in charge of corporate planning and finance. Prior to Akatsuki, he worked as a management consultant at Deloitte for five years. He earned an MBA from UCLA Andeson. Previous to attending UCLA, he spent eight years at a Japanese asset management company.

小正 瑞季

Outside Director

Mizuki Komasa

In 2008,completed Master’s Course(Bio Informatics) of Graduated School of Keio University.
In 2011,joined in Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, and then SMBC Nikko Security,Vice President of Investment Bank Division,engaged a plenty of equity finance and M&A.
Executive Officer & Gross Manager for real-tech fund in charge of space science & life science.

伊藤 毅

Outside Director

Tsuyoshi Ito

Tsuyoshi Ito is the Managing Partner & CEO of Beyond Next Ventures Inc.,("BNV") a Tokyo based venture capital firm, which he founded in August 2014.He has over 15 years of investment experience focused on supporting the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies and spinoff startups from university.He received a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

前田 昌太朗

Outside Auditor

Shotaro Maeda

In 2005, joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, engaged in accounting audit, IPO support, startup venture support work. In 2015, he held the position of General Manager of Business Administration Department of Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. and Executive Officer and General Manager of Agrimedia Co., Ltd. before establishing Shotaro Maeda Certified Public Accounting Office.


We are recruiting a talented person who works for developing
“CulNet System”together as a team.


Corporate NameIntegriCulture Inc.
CEOYuki Hanyu
Founded in23rd October 2015
Head Office at [Registered Head Office] F7,4-1-3, Hongo,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan
[Shinjuku Office] No.101,TWIns 3F,8-1,Kawada-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 162-8666, Japan
[Shonan Office] 12-15 BW1M-2130, 26-1, Muraoka-Higashi 2-chome. Fujisawa, Kanagawa, 251-8555, Japan
Products and servicesCell-based meat and cellular agriculture products