IntegriCulture starts accepting the order of all-food-grade basal medium worldwide

- Agreement Signed with Atlantis Bioscience for sales in Asia -

Tokyo, Japan, October 26, 2022 — IntegriCulture Inc. (hereafter IntegriCulture), a Japanese biotechnology startup pioneering revolutionary advancements in cellular agriculture and aims for a sustainable world, today announced that it starts accepting the order for I-MEM (IntegriCulture Minimum Essential Media), which is made of food ingredients, designed, and developed for cultivated meat production, worldwide.

As a first step, a one-year distributorship agreement has been signed with Atlantis Bioscience to develop the product in Singapore. They will exhibit together for the first time at the AGRI-FOOD TECH EXPO ASIA 2022 to be held in Singapore from Wednesday, October 26.


"We recognize the prospective impact that cellular agriculture has on a more sustainable future, we are delighted to partner with IntegriCulture to help Southeast Asia's scientists & businesses address roadblocks to commercializing cell-based meat such as the high cost of production,” commented Daniel Toh, Business Director of Atlantis Bioscience. “We hope that introducing IntegriCulture’s CulNet™ system can provide researchers with space to expand their innovation potential."

“As we build the infrastructure for cellular agriculture, commoditization of food grade basal medium is something unavoidable. We hope that open availability of I-MEM inspires what the future with cellular agriculture would look like,” said Yuki Hanyu, CEO of IntegriCulture.

About I-MEM
IntegriCulture's proprietary basal medium “I-MEM” is made of only ingredients approved as food, without serum from animals such as PSB founded in general research medium widely used for cell culture and it makes less costly. I-MEM and CulNet system has been estimated to be about 1/60 of media using animal serum and IntegriCulture has succeeded in making the ingredients of medium food and reducing costs, which had been a major issue in the production of cultivated meat. IntegriCulture was one of the first to put into practical use serum-free basal medium. The company has already succeeded for the first time in the world in culturing chicken and duck liver-derived cells using the I-MEM and our proprietary cell culture device, the CulNet system1.

Editor’s Note:
1: According to IntegriCulture internal research on March 28, 2022 in the press release “Commercial launch of food grade basal medium -Serum-free culture of chicken and duck liver-derived cells by CulNet™ ”

■ About Atlantis Bioscience Pte Ltd < >
Atlantis Bioscience is a life science distributor that specializes in support for translational research involving food and nutrition, cell and gene therapies, regenerative medicine, cosmetics, and drug discovery and development. Registered in 2015, the company also serves as a master distributor for several brands for Southeast Asia and develops their own products for cell therapy applications.

■ About IntegriCulture Inc. < >
IntegriCulture Inc. is a Japanese biotechnology startup, founded in October 2015, pioneering revolutionary advancements in cellular agriculture and aims for a sustainable world.

We have developed the cost competitive bioprocess production system called “CulNet™ system”, to be used as a new platform for industries heavily depended on animal sourced materials such as ingredients, food and biomaterials. We work with established and acclaimed enterprises for interdisciplinary open innovation for establishing the cellular agriculture supply chain.

This system is patented, and species agnostic that mimics inter-organ interactions environment in animals to produce serum components and use them for cell cultivation.

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